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48.) Atheist- Unquestionable Presence

Easily the most underrated of the 90's Tech Metal bands (including Death, Cynic, etc), Atheist was a band that never really caught on, but loved by all who has heard them. Steve Flynn is an absolute god when it comes to the drums, and this album showcases his best work. I was fortunate enough to catch these guys back a few years ago opening for Primal Fear at Minnesota Metalfest, and although it wasn't the same as being able to see them back in the early 90s. I never thought I would be able to see them live. So it made up for everything. Steve Flynn is just as badass as he ever was. It's one of the first Tech metal albums that actually featured other elements including Jazz to their style, which has influenced so many bands that are doing the same today. Any of those current bands will tell you their love for Atheist, if they don't they are lying or oblivious. For some of the best drumming in the 90s, and to hear where Tech Metal really started getting good. check out Unquestionable Presence.

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