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49.) Metallica- ...And Justice For All

I was born the day Harvester Of Sorrow was released as a single (August, 19th, 1988) Of course I gotta be a Metallica fan. Metallica was the first Metal band I truly appreciated. It was 1999 and Garage Inc. just came out (my first CD I ever bough, which was a double album, maybe explains why I became a Prog fan later). Justice is the proggiest of all the Metallica albums. It's also the darkest and I dare say the one with the most emotion and anger, because of the loss of Cliff Burton. all 9 songs are just pure Metal. One is the first song that I actually realized, "Wow, you can play a bass drum that fast?" It helped me realize what double bass was (although, try to find double bass after this album from Metallica) and that not all music was easy 4/4 rock. Justice may not be the first album that you show a music fan to get them into metal. But if you wanna appreciate a good mixture of Prog and Thrash Metal. Justice is where it's at. and although there is no bass guitar (or just very little of it) It still stands the test of time to this day.

Favorite Song: ...And Justice For All
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