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Originally Posted by bobbie solo View Post
i didn't attend this, but that was the setlist from tonight's show at the Reno Events Center. thoughts? Obviously adding Hooker, Pushit & Ticks is really badass, but it's amazing that they STILL appease these alleged casual fans with the four burnt out tracks: Schism, 46 &2, Lateralus & Aenema. Certainly at least ONE of those could be benched for a while in favor of something a bit more rare? I mean, are there really that many casual fans at this point? they haven't put out a record in SIX years.They announced this tour out of the blue about 3 weeks ago iirc. i think everyone showing up is a pretty dedicated fan.

I'm still gonna pass on this when it comes to the Meadowlands unless my contact comes through with a free ticket. YOB opening up is very cool and def. increases my interest, but not for a ticket that costs around $100 at face if you actually wanna be close...nevermind what one might have to pay now for an aftermarket ticket.

Add in that NIN is my favorite band, and they play arena shows where you gets upwards of two hours of show with well over 20 songs & a singer who actually acts like he wants to be there, and it makes it that much harder to get excited for a Tool show nowadays. Same era, similar fanbase & level of popularity, but try to compare the level of effort & respect for their fans between the two and it's not even close.

Tool, and by Tool i really Maynard bc i suspect he's the real culprit, sadly just doesn't stack up to me, and i'm a huge fan & absolutely LOVE all their material, even 10,000 Days (except for Rosetta Stoned...ugh). I know his voice isn't what it used to be, but if you're gonna play an arena show with one opener and charge me almost $100 for a ticket, i think we deserve a show longer then 80 or so minutes with 11 songs total. Shit, when I saw them headline APW 2 years ago, they were only on stage for 70 minutes and played NINE songs. i know it's a festival headlining cashgrab gig, but come ON.

cue someone pointing out that Tool's response to my bitching is them playing Hooker with a Penis first tonight. Yeah, I get that, but Maynard's self-righteousness isn't as cute as it once was, and just seems like a cop out.
If you go to the show in Toronto there will be about 12000 casual fans there.
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