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In Flames -- Royal Oak, MI -- January 13th, 2012

Kyng played first. I'd never heard of them. Good 3-piece hard rock band.

Next up was Veil of Maya, and the crowd loved them. Their setlist is getting pretty redundant, but they put on an awesome show. I can't wait for their new CD.

Veil of Maya Setlist:

Crawl Back
Dark Passenger
Punisher (new song)
We Bow in Its Aura
It's Not Safe to Swim Today

Trivium was next. I hadn't seen them since they opened for Slipknot about 3 years ago. They absolutely killed it! Great set, and the crowd went crazy for them. I can't wait to see em again!

Trivium setlist:

In Waves
Pull Harder On the Strings Of Your Martyr
Forsake Not the Dream
Built to Fail
Like Light to the Flies
Chaor Reigns
Down From the Sky
Throes of Perdition

In Flames headlined. To be honest, they looked very disinterested. In Flames has always been hit or miss live to me. I've seen them play great sets (like when they opened for Mudvayne in 2003 and completely stole the show or their Sounds of the Underground tour set in 2006) and I have seen them play awful sets (like Gigantour 2008). Unfortunately this set was not-so-great. The sound quality was poor, too. Then again, maybe this set seemed lackluster just because Trivium & Veil of Maya were so good. I left after they played "Cloud Connected."

In Flames setlist (INCOMPLETE - missing a few songs in the middle, & a few at the end):

Sounds of a Playground Fading
Deliver Us
All For Me
The Quiet Place
Where Dead Ships Dwell
Fear is the Weakness
Come Clarity
Delight and Angers
Cloud Connected
10/11 Shai
10/17 Unearth
10/25 TDWP
11/4 & 5 TGI
11/11 Parkway
11/13 ITB
11/20 MH
4/5 Maiden
4/8 & 9 UO
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