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Artist: Soul Search
Title: Bury the Blame
Genre: Hardcore
Label: Triple-B Records

I’ve noticed that in the vast LA hardcore scene there are only a few bands that really stand out as something remarkable. Among the few is Soul Search, who has already made a tremendous impact despite being a newcomer to the game. In 2010 they released their first demo, which even gained the attention of Scott Vogel, who commented that it blew him away. The demo quickly circulated around and by 2011 they had struck a record deal. With that they headed out on a full US tour for the release of their first EP. Bury the Blame shows the band’s progression from their demo, which was already outstanding in its own right. The riffs hit even harder and the crunchy guitar tone only amplifies their pulverizing execution. The lyrics contrast the tough outer shell, focusing on personal struggles and realizing the mistakes you’ve made. Bury the Blame is a crushing experience from beginning to end and it has brought Soul Search into the light as one of the frontrunners of Southern California hardcore.

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