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Originally Posted by JRA View Post
Holy shit dude. That sucks that you didn't enjoy that show even with security issues aside.
Yeah man but I didn't even mention the icing on the cake. As the security started pummeling my ass to the ground he starts dragging me like a rag doll on the floor and up a flight of stairs to the exit. And let me tell you bro, those stair cases ain't short and quick. I felt so embarrassed as he was dragging me across the fucking venue infront of everyone to see me while my face and body is hitting all sorts of shit on the fucking floor from boose, piss, food shit ect. And to add the final insult to injury as I am i getting dragged like a bitch on the floor I get smeared by a pile of a vomit(from the floor obviously) that scrapes all the way from my face to the bottom of my feet and shoes, so now I basically have puke and vomit all over my body, a walking pile of "throw up" if you could say

And yeah, smacked me up like a little bitch against the wall and boom, threw my ass right out of the venues double doors during the middle of Angel of Death and Yeah, that's pretty much it. You know I must say...I consider myself a very very laid back and VERY CHILL person because a lot of people that night would have totally complained to management and done something about it, I donno about law suits and shit but no one would have tolerated what I went through that night. And no one should absolutely go through what I went through. I witnessed power being abused at the highest power. It was just one guy by the way. Just one mean ol Ass hat who just wasn't having a good day. And I just happen to be the person he decides to take all his frustration out on. I really didn't do anything at all. I just got out of my seat and was like "FUCK THIS SITTING DOWN RULES BULLSHIT, ITS FUCKIN SLAYER" and i decided to go balls off the wall crazy during angel of death and the next thing I know i get tackled on the floor and yeah the rest i'm not going to repeat. But as I said before; most people would have totally not let something like that slide but I consider my self a very very laid back person.

Very laid back

But yeah i guess that's my 2 cent's reput in .

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