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Originally Posted by Epidemic Reign View Post
Yeah, I still haven't seen Triptykon either. I'm slacking
Not so much slacking on my part but THE REAL reason I missed out on Triptykon was because I saw Slayer/Megadeth/anthrax like 2 nights before the Triptykon show. The show was awful, plagued with technical difficulties and super shitty over all Sound and Slayer fucking sucked in every possible way you can think of. I really regret taking the time and effort to go to that show because it was not worth one fucking pennie.. Probably the worst metal concert I have ever attended and definitely not worth the almost 2 hour + drive with traffic. And to top it off I got my ass kicked during the last two songs and kicked out of the venue because the security "didn't like" the fact that I was getting rowdy and headbanging and having a good time at the show(this venue had some really lame and fucked up rules like you were not allowed to leave your seat unless it was for the bathroom or something). Anyways the security did a good number on me and I was left border line broken and bruised. I remember at one point he held me by the wall and started screaming into my face "Did you come to have a good time or come to act like a fucking retard" and he kept repeating it while slamming my head to the floor and wall.

Long story short; the damage was done and my body was too fucked up from that show to go to the Triptykon show which was only 48 hours after the god awfull slayer/megadeth show. I seriously regret missing it cause I keep hearing how loud and heavy their shows are. Hopefully they come back this year because there is no way in hell that I missing them this time. I would have totally made the effort to see them in 2010 but I just wasn't in the mood for another 2 hour drive to LA and more importantly my body was still in very early stages of healing all my bruises and scars that the security left on me.
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