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A few things...

1. I didn't get to vote cause of the shortened time to vote, but ah well nothing I would have voted for would have made it, save maybe symphony x or evergrey.

2. I want to say this list sucks, but I've not really heard 99% of it, so yeah. But don't really care to either.

3. the board does seem to be changing, even since I joined in 2009, and I don't think all the changes are for the best.

4. I read this whole thread, how did I miss brad saying he was leaving? That really sucks if true... I enjoyed his posts.

5. the median age of the board does seem to be going down, I feel old.

6. I'm not sure I had a 6th comment. carry on.

oh yes, last years list owned this years....
so close, no matter how far.

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