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Originally Posted by Epidemic Reign View Post
So RZ is not attached to the new Halloween whatsoever? That's very good news imo, and I hope they completely deviate from his involvement with the franchise. That said, I'm interested in The Lords of Salem. Pissed off witches would be a breath of fresh air amidst all the demonic possession films coming out lately.

I don't care for the whole 3D thing, but I've noticed that the new Texas Chainsaw has some credible actors attached to it... most notably Bill Moseley and Gunnar Hansen. And if I remember correctly it's supposed to be a direct sequel to the original, so I can see some potential there.

I don't know much about World War Z. I know it's a book I should probably get ahold of before the movie comes out. Zombies are always fun. Mostly.
Yeah RZ has NOTHING to do with the new Halloween. Apparently it's a remake / new story kinda thing. RZ didn't do Halloween so he could do Lords Of Salem. Speaking of that they cast for LOS is awsome. Most of the cast from Devils Rejects among other well known Horror actors. No details really about Halloween 3D though.

And yea Texas Chainsaw is sorta another vision of a sequel to the original one. No trailer yet but there really hasn't been a bad Texas Chainsaw other than next generation.

I really wonder how 3D will work for these movies though.
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