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Ghoul -- Berkeley, CA -- January 8th, 2012

Tankcrimes show at Gilman. Im still fucking destroyed and half alive so I will be brief, but it was incredible. First two bands were really forgettable, Fucktard were amazing and were part of the 'storyline' of the show (which was from what I could piece together that the now corporate Ghoul-man Sachs was taking over Gilman and John the Baker + the Gilman punks were trying to reclaim the venue for the crusties and get corporate metal out of there) so between songs John trashed Ghoul and had some sort of protest sign as well as talking about ANS bailouts etc. Kicker annoy the shit out of me despite having Mauz from Dystopia as their guitarist, and their set was exactly what I expected it to be, meh. ANS are goddamn amazing and it's a shame much of the crowd just stood there, I was expecting the place to go completely insane but there couldn't have been more than 15 people overall in the pit. I don't know the ANS full length but they closed with the last song off the Ramming Speed split.
This was definitely the best Ghoul show I've seen, and without a doubt the wildest. The whole crowd went crazy for every second of it which caused a few technical difficulties, but punk shows are absolutely the best way to see Ghoul. They decapitated a fake chicken during Voodoo, had some sort of blood spraying skull device, Killbot was redone as a UC Davis cop with a huge pepper-spray arm (which sadly I don't think worked because I didn't see anything spraying out of it) and then they had whatever the new beastly-looking character is fight Killbot. Dissector wore a fancy fur coat for half the set and the rest of Ghoul spent the between song sections mocking occupy, crusties etc. The setlist looks really disappointing on paper, but live all the new material transferred excellently and despite the lack of old songs was their most solid set I've witnessed.

Off With Their Heads
Mark of Voodoo
Brain Jerk
Bury the Hatchet
Transmission Zero
Rise Killbot Rise!
As Your Casket Closes
Graveyard Mosh
Gutbucket Blues
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