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Artist: Naysayer
Title: Laid to Rest
Genre: Hardcore
Label: Reaper Records

After two crushing EPs Richmond, Virginia’s Naysayer has presented their first full length effort. Recently there has been a revival of the classic NYHC sound, but only a handful of these young bands are worth their salt. Naysayer clearly emulates the style of the early Madball records and others of that time frame, but they do not come off as one of the many worship bands out there today. They offer a grittier, heavier take on the popular ‘90s sound. The chunky riffs more closely resemble the modern sound of Terror and Trapped Under Ice, while the vocals are much more raspy than the those of the aforementioned bands. Laid to Rest shows this determined band in top form and they have only gotten better with each of their releases, so I look forward to what they have in store for the future.

“Undertow” -
Ride the wings of death.

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