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my thoughts because why not

1. Vektor album was quite good and I'm ok with it making the list though I think #1 is a little ridiculous.
2. The Hunter is overrated shit. Mastodon's last album worthy of praise on the level of #2 on a list was Leviathan and frankly both albums after Blood Mountain are pretty much just bad.
3. I'm not majorly into the genre and Revocation never struck me as being special among it but since it's just not my thing, whatever.
4. Really good album, ok with it being on this list but #4 is too high.
5. I almost half-like this album because I liked it on my first listen, but it had the least staying power of anything I've heard this year, boring the shit out of me every time I tried to listen to it afterwards. I think it's insane that this is on here tbh.
6. Didn't listen to this album at all because I'm not a fan of DTP, whatever.
7a. I have no idea why this is so popular because honestly I think it's bad when weighed against other similar music. But it's not my specialty area so maybe I just don't get it.
7b. Exciting because it's the first good IE album in a while. But I think it's only good in a year with lots of music better than good. I think the excitement over a 'comeback' has given this album more love than it deserves.
8. SubRosa album was great and unlike Vektor/Anthrax I don't think that it coming in at #8 is questionable, so this is probably the entry I most agree with.
9. Never listened to this because I'm a bad person.
10. We can do better guys.
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