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Originally Posted by dimmudan View Post
I apologize for not mentioning Clocktower. I liked your Coroner cover but did not know the name of the band. FYI I was on the rail I'm front of the bassist and all I could hear was the bass so although I don't play an instrument, I know something about the sound mix was off so I would think adjusting that for your next show would be important. Not sure if it was an equipment thing or sound mix bit either way that would enhance the live experience for the.listener to be able to hear the vocals and guitar too. As a non musician it seemed like you have a pretty capable group and I still enjoyed your band and would look forward to seeing you play agaim in the future.
Ah it's ok! And yeah, I am the bassist and I agree, I was WAY too fucking loud. If you saw, I was turning down the amp literally after every single song but it did nothing. I then found out today that I should've turned down on the bass itself. I apologize for that, I know it threw a lot of people off! It was definitely the sound mix though since the last 3 shows we played I was almost inaudible. This was only our 4th show ever so we got some stuff to work out. But yeah, I'm glad you enjoyed us, thanks!
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