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Ah, beat me to posting this... by a lot!

The show was awesome! My band Clocktower were actually the first band to play there, I'm guessing you missed us (or thought we sucked and didn't bother to write about it), but either way I felt our performance wasn't the best we've done. But either way, I'm happy we got to play on this show. You may have gotten a demo from me or someone else in the band.

Also, it was great to meet Jasonic, him and the rest of the band are really cool guys! And Ghost In The Ruins were sick! I haven't checked out much Savatage but the performance was awesome! Diamond Plate were... I guess standard Diamond Plate, putting on a fun show. Sanctuary... oh man, AWESOME! I actually met Warrel Dane before they went on, really cool guy. Actually, all the guys in the band were pretty cool. The blonde guitarist kept saying "hey" and "what's up" to me and the rest of my band throughout the night. But yeah, Warrel Dane can indeed still hit those high notes flawlessly! Such a great performance, definitely an amazing first show of the year for me!
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