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Artist: Necros Christos
Title: Doom of the Occult
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Sepulchral Voice Records

With their first full length Necros Christos established themselves as one of the premier occult bands and now they have bestowed upon us a second monolithic relic. In many ways Doom of the Occult resembles the debut, with its winding passages, possessed vocals, and esoteric atmosphere, however it also represents a striking change. While the lyrical content of Triune Impurity Rites focused on death and anti-Christian themes, this second offering presents a mystical journey through the ancient Middle East as well as hymns to Egyptian and Hindu deities. Rarely is there such lyrical brilliance in underground metal and it’s obvious much time and effort has gone into composing these narratives so articulately. Unfortunately it is a challenge to decode the dialogues without any background knowledge of the subject at hand. Of course, the lyrics are only one constituent of the supremacy that is this album. If it were not for the equally effective aura augmenting the lyrics the album would not be worth such praise. The doom laden guitar work, eerie keyboards, and folk instrumentals all take their part in this beast. Then the heinous vocals seal the tomb, giving the record a genuinely timeless sound. This will surely stand as an obelisk for years to come in the history of occult death metal.

“Succumbed to Sarkum Phagum” -
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