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Artist: Tsjuder
Title: Legion Helvete
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Season of Mist

In 2006, at the peak of their career, Tsjuder disbanded. They went out on a formidable note, with their last sigh, Desert Northern Hell, receiving the highest ratings of their three albums. Only four years later the band would reassemble and begin to write material for an extremely anticipated fourth full length. Many questions arouse regarding how they could match their last record or if reforming was really a wise decision. Although the band had only been separated briefly and kept all of the original members intact upon the second incarnation I kept my expectations at a neutral level. All I counted on was a solid black metal album, and that is exactly what we got. “The Daemon Throne” opens the record with blasting fury and a whirlwind of tremolo picking. The blazing pace does not subside as Tsjuder treads onward. Legion Helvete did not disappoint. Although it doesn’t reach the same quality of their masterpiece, it remains as a worthy follow up to it.

“The Daemon Throne” -
5.31 Grave Miasma
6.3 Voivod
6.5 Discharge
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