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Dream Dying Fetus

Bored at work. They usually play 15-17 songs at headlining gigs, so here goes.

1) Homicidal Retribution
2) Your Treachery Will Die With You
3) Raping The System
4) Skullfucked
5) Atrocious By Nature
6) Killing On Adrenaline
7) Blunt Force Trauma
8) For Us Or Against Us
9) Descend Into Depravity
10) Fade Into Obscurity
11) Bathe In Entrails
12) Intentional Manslaughter
13) One Shot, One Kill
14) Praise The Lord (Opium of The Masses)
15) Rohypnol
16) Pissing In The Mainstream
17) Kill Your Mother, Rape Your Dog

06/18: Slayer
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