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Sanctuary -- Joliet, IL -- January 6th, 2012

Eden Lies Obscured
Die for my Sins
Battle Angels
Seasons of Destruction
White Rabbit
Mirror Black
Future Tense
One More Murder
Soldiers of Steel
Termination Force
Veil of Disguise
Long Since Dark
Taste Revenge

Setlist just posted I will review the show later. Killer setlist. Warrel Dane was actually able to hit pretty much every high note. I was very impressed. The band sounded good and his voice seemed pretty much spot on.

Die For My Sins and Sanctuary were highlights for me as I had seen him do Taste Revenge with Nevermore previously. Diamond Plate opened and were well received by the home town crowd.

Ghost in the Ruins is a local Savatage cover band who are worth checking out for anyone in the Chicago area. They used 2 lead singers-one for Jon Oliva and one for Zak Stevens- which I thought worked well. It was fun to see the Savatage songs played live as it had been quite a while since I had the chance to hear most of them live and as a cover band they did the songs justice. I will likely seek out seeing them again in the future.

Sanctuary is worth traveling to see if there is not a show near where you live (and based on them only playing a couple of shows they probably won't be). I'm glad I finally got to see them live as I may never get another chance. I wouldn't have changed a song in the setlist as they played every song I was hoping to hear and I was OK with the few they did not play.

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