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Artist: Burzum
Title: Fallen
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Byelobog Productions

Merely a year after the release of Belus, Varg has put another offering on the table, albeit different from the predecessor. Fallen marks a change of pace in the Burzum discography in an attempt to oppose the imagery and ideas behind the modern black metal scene. This shift has sparked controversy among fans, with some calling it a welcomed transition from Belus and others are claiming that a once monumental pillar in the scene has “fallen” from grace. In this sense, Varg has achieved his goal: to challenge his fan base. While some will say this new side of Burzum is insignificant in comparison to the classics it’s hard to ignore the fact that there is nothing out there that resembles it. With the amalgamation of conventional black metal riffs and traditional folk inspired vocal melodies Varg has managed to stay relevant in a time where the black metal scene has stagnated.

“Jeg Faller” -
Ride the wings of death.

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