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Bang Your Head Festival -- Balingen, Germany -- June 24th/25th, 2005

I already posted this on the IMBB:

I survived Balingen. I don't know whether anyone of you heard of the huge thunderstorm of friday night which destroyed many tents. My husband and me were lucky enough not to be on campground no. 1 where the water was 20 cm high in the tents and many tents were also smitten by hail.

On saturday the festival started with a 3.5 hour delay because nearly everything was damaged on the festival ground. There was no rampage because of the delay.. everyone took it easy and had a beer instead.
I won't write a huge review of the festival, just a few things:

- Kamelot!!!!!!!!! They fucking own. I will definitely see them again when they tour in winter.

- Gamma Ray! They managed to blow an amp during the first song
They were amazing.. played also a song of their new album Majestic, song is Blood Religion.

- Motörhead
They came on stage, Lemmy introduced 'We are Motörhead. We play RocknRoll.' and everyone laughed. This was pretty much it. They had severe sound problems and they were boring like hell. We left after the fourth song, which was Killers (the only song that I recognized because everything sounded the same). Enchore was obviously Ace Of Spades (what else), but I've already been on the camp then.

It was a foot march of about 1,2 km to the camp and after reaching it, it only took us half an hour to find our tent
We went straight to sleep, at least we tried too. There was a party in the neighbourhood.. nothing to say against that, I expected that to happen and I fell asleep without being disturbed by the music. Not so funny that they had a fire horn with them, which they decided to use in the middle of the night, and this really kept me from sleeping. And then suddenly the thunderstorm started.. without any warning afore. No thunderbolt was to be heard before and it came like Armageddon.

On saturday morning we were awakened by the red cross at 6 AM asking whether we needed help. I answered 'yes, I need sleep'. I didn't sleep that night or maybe one hour and so did everyone else. We left for camp no.1 one at 8 AM then, thirsty for coffee. On our way we saw all the damages of the storm and camp 1 was.. a mess. We managed to get a coffee though and met some nice people.
The doors of the festival ground should have opened at 8.30 and I was desperately longing to take a massive shit (there were only six working toilets on camp 1 for 1500 people) but the doors opened only at 11.50 AM. I did my business and headed to the beer car again. All those people who have been there last year, worked this year again.
Cheers to Rainer for giving me a catering crew shirt again
YOu can't buy those as merchandise, you know?

The festival started off at 1 PM then instead of 9.30 AM with a huge amount of sound problems during the whole day. I saw Demon and Vicious rumours which weren't bad at all. The setlist of all bands had to be cut to a few songs in order to catch up the delay until the evening. They should have cut Nasty Savage completely.. geez.. what a laugh I had.
My highlight of the day:

Wow.. they blew me away. Unfortunately they had also to be cut down, but they enjoyed their short gig, though.
Tankard were.. erm.. forget about it. During Nevermore we went to the campground to fecth our tent because we decided to leave in the evening and not to spend another night (which a lot of people also did). We got back for Axel Rudi Pell, which was mighty. I've never been much into that, but it feckin ruled.
Seb Bach astonished me.. he was way better than last year.
Candlemass has also been a suprise. I only heard them and didn't watch; it was the time when I decided to have my left foot operated before I ever go to a festival again.
After Candlemass everyone waited for the Very Special Guest... there have been all kind of rumours during the past months and we also discussed it on saturday morning during our coffee chat at the campground. Many were expecting Maiden, but I destroyed their dreams
The general conclusion was Sabbath, Priest or Onkelz then... surprise, surprise. It turned out to be Hanoi Rocks.
Has anyone ever heard of this band? They were bad. They were ugly. Our feet ached, and we decided to leave. We left out DIO and Twisted Sister, but this would have meant to stay for six more hours and it was simply not possible.

It was a great festival again.. hopefully there will be a BYH 2006.
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