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Chimaira -- Cleveland, OH -- December 30th, 2011

Venue: House of Blues
Bands: Chimaira, Skeletonwitch, Salt the Wound

Chimaira Setlist:

The Age of Hell
Losing My Mind
Power Trip
Nothing Remains
The Flame
Pure Hatred
Destroy and Dominate
The Disappearing Sun
Year of the Snake
Born in Blood
The Venom Inside
Secrets of the Dead
Everything You Love
The Dehumanizing Process
Painting the White to Grey

Damn, another great year of Chimaira Christmas. Always one of my most fun concerts of the year. As most of you know, this was Rob and Matt's last show with Chimaira, as they're quitting the band after years and years writing great music. And since Rob was the primary songwriter of the band, it marks the end of Chimaira as I know, love, and grew up with. One of my favorite bands, from middle school to now.

Last year's setlist was pretty fucking incredible, and opening up with most of The Impossibility of Reason was unbeatable in my opinion, but I still enjoyed this year a ton. Pulling out Painting the White to Grey was an awesome and totally unexpected surprise, and even though I wasn't a huge fan of the new album, most of the songs they played off of it were incredible. It's always amazing to see a band that you love play a full 2 hour set like that. I hoped to see them pull out something a little more special (*cough* 10th Year Anniversary of Pass Out of Existence, play it in its entirety *cough*), but the set was still great.

Mark is also one of the nicest frontmen in metal. Just a real nice, genuine, and thankful guy up on the stage. I also caught a pick from Emil Werstler, currently their bassist and moving up to guitar after this show. Skeletonwitch were pretty solid as usual, but just didn't have the same energy live in my opinion. And although I think Salt the Wound is a complete snoozefest on record, they were really good live. It was really refreshing to see a deathcore band like that in a Chimaira crowd, where everybody was push-moshing. They got a better reaction than Skeletonwitch, also. Probably because they're supposed to be retired. There was only one hardcore dancer, and I swear he looked like an identical clone of Garagemetal. Don't have their set or Skeletontits'; sorry. From what I remembered, it was standard for 'em.

Sucks to see Rob and Matt leave, but this was a great farewell for 'em. Until next year!
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