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VH1 Metal Evolution

Has anybody been watching this? Thoughts? I haven't been able to see much since I don't have Vh1 Classic and Vh1 won't fucking put it up for free on their website unlike That Metal Show.

I've only seen two episodes, the NWOBHM and Thrash. NWOBHM was interesting since we got the weigh in for how NWOBHM was affected by glam, and to Steve vehemently and repeatedly state that punk didn't affect shit on metal.

The Thrash episode is ok. As I expected it wasn't going to outdo the Get Thrashed DVD, though it makes me want to slap the shit out of Lars Ulrich for his bullshit strawman arguments about "selling out to your fans."

First of all, what the fuck is wrong with catering to what your fans want musically? When did this become a crime that all the Peter Frickes of the world turn their noses up at? Fans are people who only want enjoyment and satisfaction from your music, as opposed to record executives who just want to steal your money? Second of all, the reasons thrashers hate ballads is because it was a Motley Crue move. You know, that band that you and your crony Scott Ian were saying you were so much better than?

And all this whining on how thrash is limiting? THEN BREAK UP YOUR FUCKING BAND. You wanna experiment with new sounds outside of your extreme genre? Then go somewhere else and start up a completely different band with a completely new sound. But you'll use the excuse of "I don't want to limit the boundaries of what artist x" can do, but what you really don't want to do is stop the money train because you can make more money just releasing another album with shit that does not belong in your sound rather than starting a separate project.

I don't care one iota about SOD, but at least Scott Ian had enough integrity to realize he should start a separate band (even though I'd rather Anthrax put out a song like Fuck The Middle East instead of Safe Home)

rant over.

One final thing on the show, I really don't like how Sam is mugging the camera again. I thought he learned his lesson from that on the Iron Maiden and Rush docs but I guess not. Anyways, your thoughts on the show?
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