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Originally Posted by powerslave_85 View Post
All this anti-Muppet talk makes me want to start punching faces.

And man, I liked Midnight In Paris, but better than Drive and Hugo? NOPE.
It's infinitesimally better than Drive, but a pretty big margin better than Hugo. Honestly, if Hugo dropped the fucking 3D (I think shooting in 3D forces directors to include scenes they otherwise wouldn't, and basically everything fast-moving in Hugo was completely superfluous to the narrative) and the Sacha Baron Cohen running around the train station like Buster Keaton scenes, it would have been a hell of a lot better. Pacing was weird, too. They should have fixed the automaton much earlier if the movie was really about getting Melies back into film.

I absolutely loved the moment where they discover that Melies was a filmmaker through the end, and on the whole it was still somewhere in that 11-15 range, but with a few of its flaws fixed it could have been movie of the year. The fact that it blew its potential that much makes it a minor disappointment, even though I enjoyed it.

EDIT: And I'm not precisely anti-Muppets. I just can't watch a movie that's so rooted in the idea that we all already love the Muppets so hey let's bring them back. Never watched them growing up, have no attachment, can't buy into that premise. I've been told to watch the original movie, and once America stops being fad-obsessed with them, I will, but right now, I'm annoyed.
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