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Here is the top 2. Thanks to everyone that read/comment on this

2.Revocation-Chaos Of Forms

Revocation has exploded over the past couple of years and rightfully so, they are one of the most refreshing, talented, and just plain best metal bands to emerge in the past decade. Chaos Of Forms is the next level for Revocation. It takes their death/thrash sound and adds a plethora of twists, turns and surprises. Things like the horn section on "The Watchers" and the prominent acoustic guitar sections on "Conjuring The Cataclysm" are something you wouldn't have come to previously expect from Revocation. Revocation doesn't even come close to abandoning their death/thrash sound, if anything they made it more intense. David Davidson outdoes himself with the guitarwork on this record. There's a reason he won the best metal guitarist from Metal Sucks, he completely fucking shreds. The solos on this album are nothing short of awe-inspiring, The standouts being "Chaos Of Forms" and "Beloved Horrifier". If you are a fan of thrash or death metal in any capacity, listen to this band and listen to this record.
Standout Tracks
1.Chaos Of Forms
2.Beloved Horrifier

1.The Black Dahlia Murder-Ritual

I know this is a complete shocker, but Ritual is my favorite album of the year. No album this year made a bigger lasting impression (and there were a lot of records that made a lasting impression) than Ritual. Plain and simple, Ritual blew my mind. I have loved all of Black Dahlia Murder's records (they are one of my favorite bands and the reason I got into death metal), but none of their previous albums even hold a candle to Ritual. This is the heaviest, fastest, most melodic, technical, and most mature record to date. It was evident from the first few seconds of "A Shrine To Madness" that this record was going to be a masterpiece. The subtle string arrangements at the beginning lead into the first of many killer riffs from guitarist Ryan Knight. Knight is a big reason that Ritual is so special. He had a major part in the songwriting and he brought a lot in that department. This album has so many layers and so many things that The Black Dahlia Murder has never done before yet maintains the classic Black Dahlia Murder sound. On top of Knight's songwriting contribution, he also throws down a shitload of amazing solos. He is one of the finest guitar players in metal and his addition to The Black Dahlia Murder lineup in 2009 was the best thing to ever happen to the band. Vocally, Trevor Strnad sounds more evil than ever and gives his best vocal performance. Shannon Lucas also steps up his game up. He always has been amazing drummer, but his work on Ritual is so impressive that it sounds like a completely different drummer. Ritual is a special album. Some bands at this point in their career get lazy, but not The Black Dahlia Murder, they are only getting better. Every song is amazing, which makes it virtually impossible to pick a favorite song from. These guys are modern death metal legends. One of those once in a generation bands that takes an entire sub-genre by storm. Ritual is an instant classic that will be forever embedded in my brain.
Standout Tracks
1.Carbonized In Cruciform
2.Blood In The Ink
3.A Shrine To Madness
The rest of the album too
10/29 Rae Sremmurd
11/12 The Weeknd
11/15 Parkway Drive
11/28 ABR/ETID
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