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Rocco's Best of 2011

Finally going to start this after much procrastination. I have about 60 or so metal related albums I have enjoyed this year but there are still have many that I didn't have time to check out in 2011 that I will be checking out in 2012. I'll start by listing those that I regrettably ran out of time to listen to properly.

Orchid, Blut Aus Nord, Azarath, Forefather, Hammers of Misfortune, Solstafir, Wolvhammer, Vallenfyre, Arch-Matheos, Revocation, Vektor, In Flames (although not really regrettably haha), A Storm of Light, Hate Eternal, Disma, Krallice, Anaal Nathrakh, Obscura, Aosoth, Fen, Earth, Tenhi, Ravencult, Giant Squid, Absu, Esoteric, Aeneon, Ash Borer, 3 etc

More to come soon...

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