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I will be posting my final 2 in a bit. Before that, here some other for the year.

Riff Of The Year
Mastodon "Blasteroid"

Top 5 albums that I didn't get the chance to check out, but plan to in the near future.
1.Russian Circles-Empros
2.Black Cobra-Interval
3.Fit For An Autopsy-The Process Of Human Extermination
4.Diamond Plate-Generation Why?
5.Sylosis-Edge Of The Earth

Most Underrated Records Of The Year
1.Unearth-Darkness In The Light
2.Times Of Grace-The Hymn Of A Broken Man
3.Darkest Hour-The Human Romance

Most Overrated Records Of The Year
1.Hate Eternal-Phoenix Amongst The Ashes
2.Vader-Welcome To The Morbid Reich

I like both of these records, it's just that I didn't find them to be nearly as good as most people made them out to be.

Biggest Letdowns
1.Morbid Angel-Illuid Divinium Insanus (no shit Sherlock)
2.Rise Against-Endgame
3.Lazarus A.D-Black Rivers Flow

Top 5 Shows I regret not going to in 2011:
1.Queens Of The Stone Age (March 26th, House Of Blues)
2.Atmosphere (April 23rd, House Of Blues)
3.Converge (May 22nd, Middle East)
4.Protest The Hero/TesseracT (May 1st, The Palladium)
5.The Red Chord/Gaza (March 9th, Great Scott)

Top 5 Bands I Started Listening To/Discovered In 2011:
2.Last Chance To Reason
3.Red Fang
11/28 ABR/ETID
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