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4.Unearth-Darkness In The Light

Let me start by saying that this is the most underrated record of 2011 imo. Completely overlooked by everyone (including big Unearth fans) and it's a god damn shame. Darkness In The Light is the ultimate Unearth record. It takes the best parts of the past three Unearth records and throws them all together. It has melodic undertones and clean vocals of The Oncoming Storm, the agression of III: In The Eyes Of Fire, and the excellent solos of The March. Of course, Unearth's classic breakdowns that have the unmatched ability to not get reduant and never feel forced in their music. "Eyes Of Black" deserves some kind of breakdown medal. It hits so fucking hard and is a contender for the best breakdown of their career. All of the shitty, breakdown-whoring deathcore bands (**coughcough Oceano, Chelsea Grin) should pay Unearth a lot of money for raping the artform that they have mastered. It's clearly not all about breakdowns with Unearth. More importantly, they have a plethora of catchy riffs and fret-ripping solos. "Arise The War Cry" has the best solo of Buz McGrath's career and it leaves me in awe every time I hear it (it's even more impressive in a live setting). Trevor Phipps also gives the strongest vocal performance of his career (A lot of people can't stand his vocals, but I really like them and find them to be very unique). It was also cool to hear Justin Foley play drums on a non-Killswitch Engage record. He does a damn good job and plays some faster and more intricate drum patterns that he doesn't get to play with Killswitch. Darkness In The Light is Unearth at their absolute best. A fucking monster of a record.
Standout Tracks
1.Arise The War Cry
2.Eyes Of Black
3.Coming Of The Dark

3.Protest The Hero-Scurrilous

Before listening to Scurrilous, I didn't think Protest The Hero was going to be able to top Fortress. Let's just say I was dead fucking wrong. From the second the infectious, catchy masterpiece of a song "C'est La Vie" kicked in I knew Scurrilous was not only better than Fortress, it kicked the living shit out of it. The entire albums demands multiple listens immediately. Protest The Hero has always had excellent muscianship, but their music has never been catchier or more mature than is on Scurrilous. A big reason for this is Rody Walker taking over the lyric duty. The songs are now much more personal and the lyrics are nothing short of amazing on this record. Dealing with everything from cancer ("Tandem") to alcoholism ("Tapestry") to record executives ("Dunsel"), Walker's lyrics are always thought-provoking, clever, and filled with emotion. Just as impressive as the lyrics, is the energy in which these songs are delivered at. Every song is filled to the brim with 110% energy, but it peaks during the scat screaming sections of "Tapestry" and the tongue-in-cheek satire of album closer "Sex Tapes". Scurrilous shows major signs of growth for Protest The Hero. It has all the techinical precision of their earlier records with much better lyrics and an enhanced focus on hooks. Nothing short of brilliant.
Standout Tracks
1.C'est La Vie
11/28 ABR/ETID
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