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Originally Posted by hellawaits77ny View Post
Interesting. That's one of my least favorite from this record. But I definately agree w/ this pick, though. Great album
I'm surprised anyone could dislike it. Tons of great guitar solos, and completely brutal riffing.

Time for the top 3. Two of these should be no surprise, and even #2 isn't all that surprising either.

3. Alice Cooper - Welcome 2 My Nightmare

This album had the potential to be a complete flop, and I know some people saw it that way, but I think everything really came together here. I'd rather have weird songs that are still catchy than the terrible efforts of the Eyes of Alice Cooper and Dirty Diamonds. My only concern with this album is how it will go over live. I can only see about half of these songs working live. There are just too many styles/guests/weirdness to be played live. I'll let the music speak for itself, because it's really different from any Alice Cooper album.

Recommended Tracks: I Am Made of You, Caffeine & Disco Bloodbath Boogie Fever (couldn't find a youtube video for this one)

2. Stratovarius - Elysium

Sometimes, artwork makes a huge difference. I picked this one up just because of the cover. I was not a fan of Stratovarius beforehand. I had Elements Part I, which sucked apart from "Eagleheart". I pop in this album and I was already convinced it was album of the year (though I bought it in February, so it was a bit early to judge). This is pretty much everything I look for in Power Metal: catchy melodies, lack of unneeded complexity (even the title track is fairly simple in its structure), soaring vocals, and shredding guitarwork (and keyboard work in this case). The only downside to this album is "Lifetime In A Moment", which is a bit too long and isn't as interesting as the other tracks. I should also mention that since buying this, I've bought 3 more Stratovarius albums (Visions, Infinite, and Polaris) and this is by far the best one. I'll keep buying them, but I don't see Stratovarius topping this near masterpiece.

Recommended Tracks: Under Flaming Skies, Event Horizon, & the best track of 2011: Elysium

1. Borealis - Fall From Grace

Since 2008, I have been convinced that Borealis is the best kept secret of the Power Metal world. Their debut, World of Silence, ranks in my top 5 albums of all-time. That album convinced me that keyboards could work in Metal. I'd seen them live a few times since and had heard "Where We Started" and "Regeneration" live long before this album was release (2009). The anticipation literally could not have been higher, and I watched these two videos of "Where We Started" nearly every day for a long time. When I first got the album, I honestly have to admit that I didn't think it was that great. Only four tracks stood out to me (three of which had already been released before I got the album), and there's no way it was living up to World of Silence. With more listens, I've grown to love every track, but it still doesn't quite match up. The best part about this album is the improvement in the vocals, but I was disappointed at the downgrade in drumming and guitar solos. They are still great, but they were just so much better on World of Silence (see: the title track and "The Afterlife"). If I could ever stop comparing it to the debut, you'd probably realize that I do love this album. Maiden33 seems to have discovered its awesomeness, and I encourage everyone else to at least listen to a few songs.

Full Review:

Recommended Tracks: Where We Started, Breaking The Curse, and the 2nd best song of 2011: Forgotten Forever

Hopefully you enjoyed reading my list. Despite the fact that my end of the year lists have had a lot of Power/Traditional Heavy Metal in recent years, I actually do like Thrash best. I've just found that Power/Traditional done well is something that always draws me back.
5/21 - Alice Cooper
6/01 - Primal Fear (?)
6/04 - Untimely Demise
6/09 - Striker, Axxion, Manacle (?)
6/10 - Annihilator, Razor
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