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Originally Posted by DethMaiden View Post
I actually haven't listened to Atma, but I hated YOB live enough that I made a conscious decision not to bother.
Dude just give at least this release a chance. You will not regret it even if turn out not totally digging it. It's by far their most accessible release. Due to the production which is really raw and dry, and Mike's most distinguishable vocals to date. I know you love great guitar playing (the riffs especially.... ), and huge hooks from what I've discovered from your posts. This record has this in spades man, it'll have you headbanging in no time and shouting along to the lyrics if you give it an honest chance. It's more of a progressive metal record filtered though doom metal.

Originally Posted by slapguitarer View Post
Yeah. Probably one of my favorite discoveries of this year. I went to a show of theirs for the opening bands, but Yob put on the best set of the night. So fucking heavy...
You don't know how happy that makes me when people say that about their live show. I absolutely can't wait til I get to see them perform. How were the Atma songs live? I know a lot of people complain about the production on it, but I don't mind it. Everybody says live its a different story and they completely crush.

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