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#2: Riot - Immortal Soul

Riot are one of my favorite bands, largely because I think they've tried a bunch of different styles throughout their 35-year career and never really failed at anything. From the Hard Rock sound of their early years, to the speed-metal/US power metal style of their classic Thundersteel album, to the Thin Lizzy-influenced classic metal sound of the Mike Dimeo-fronted era - the band has never released anything I don't like - and I especially did really love their previous album, 2006's Army of One, so even though this is a reunion of the 1987-1991 lineup of the band, I don't really consider it a comeback album. The band has revisited the speed/power metal style of the Thundersteel and Privilege of Power albums, with a renewed force of energy. I just love this album, that's really all there is to it, since this is my own personal list. Aside from Ravenheart, I actually haven't seen this get any negative reviews, but I know he's still going to give me some sort of shit about it.

Featured Track: "Riot"
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