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idrinkwine732's One Thread to Rule Them All Part II: Thread Harder

♫ Oh it's the most wonderful time of the year ♫

So, this is hands down one of my favorite times of the year as a frequent poster on various blogs, metal forums, etc. I love just sitting down with raw opinion and sorting through the differences from my own, stimulating discussion and anger alike each and every year. However, what happens every year at New Years on Metalsetlists is something special, we argue a lot less and end up with a lot more compliments year end and year out than insults. And to that, I'd like to say kudos to each and every one of you that make this community awesome.

Now, the mushy stuff's all over, so onto 2011. 2011 was a massive overhaul for me, I went to college and found the most kick ass girlfriend, I got a really cool job and I found a great circle of friends to call my own. My 2011 in metal was a constant, however, with my year end result in taste and appreciation similar to 2010. Still, I am a massive fan of the material released this year, and with a stark contrast in each album in my top 10, it just sunk in to me how awesome this year really was.

So, onto what I'll be doing here. I'll be doing a quick top 50 with blurbs of increasing size over the course of the next week, while also sharing my opinions on the best EP, Album Arts, Surprises, Letdowns, a few honorable mentions, and of course the best shows I attended in 2011. So stick with me, the year end list month of metalsetlists is almost over, but I want to throw my hat in the ring.
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