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Lock Up -- London, England -- December 22nd, 2011

Lock Up
Venue: The Underworld, London
Support: The Rotted, Dripback

Lock Up setlist:

Pleasures Pave Sewers
Brethren of the Pentagram
Accelerated Mutation
Slaughterous Ways
Triple Six Suck Angels
Violent Reprisal
Rage Incarnate Reborn
Feeding on the Opiate
The Embodiment Of Paradox And Chaos
Castrate the Wreckage
High Tide In A Sea Of Blood
Necropolis Transparent
The Jesus Virus
Storm of Stress (Terrorizer cover)
Fear of Napalm (Terrorizer cover)
Vomiting Evil
After Life In Purgatory
Cascade Leviathan

The Rotted setlist:
The Howling
Rex Oblivione
Entering The Arena Of The Unwell
Just Add Nauseam
Only Tools and Corpses (Gorerotted cover)
Stab Me Til I Cum (Gorerotted cover)
Surrounded By Skulls
Non Serviam
Apathy In The UK
The Hammer Of The Witches
Nothin' But a Nosebleed

Dripback setlist:
On The Cross
No God, No Master
Kick Out Time
Dilapidated Soul

Photos & review:
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