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Kylesa -- Tampa, FL -- December 28th, 2011

Last show of the year!

Said and Done
Only One
Tired Climb
To Forget
Bottom Line
Drum Battle
Don't Look Back
Distance Closing In
Where The Horizon Unfolds
Unknown Awareness
Hollow Severer
A 100 Heat Index

Accidentally arrived two hours early (), so just hung around in front of The Orpheum with my friend. Chatted up some old-timers wearing Skeletonwitch hoodies from Seattle and talked about SYL, Intronaut, and YOB. About 50 people showed up overall to the show, but it didn't give the show the intimate feel a small audience usually does, because of the size of the venue. First opening act Recreant was a crust/sludge band with a female singer playing an electric violin, looked a lot like Alice Glass from Crystal Castles. Second band Landbridge was also a crust punk band, this time with a batshit crazy bassist/vocalist who looked like he'd suffer a seizure at any moment. At some point before Kylesa started, noticed that half of the audience was comprised of hipsters drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon (no joke) to my disappointment. One dude behind me did look like Buzzo from the Melvins, which was super lulzy.

Kylesa was fucking good, a bit better than when I saw them in June at Graspop. Laura was as good as ever, but you couldn't hear the vocals for any of the bands at all. About halfway through the show a pit opened up behind me, with about ten people in it throughout the night. Quite a few of them were just running through the venue flinging their arms around () pissing off quite a few people in the front row who were obviously stoned as fuck. During Distance Closing In some drunk chick on the left of me grabbed my hand with a strong grip and started headbanging, kind of unnerving me, but as soon as she saw my Deicide shirt, she backed off

After 110 Degrees, Kylesa left the stage, but instead of the usual, the house lights came back on and the PA music began blasting once more. Laura came out and apologized to whoever was still left that she had forgotten to tell the soundboard guy they were going to play an encore, so the show was over. Cut out from the setlist were Between Silence And Sound and Running Red.

A good end to an excellent year of metal! Onwards to 2012!
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