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Toys For Tots Benefit -- Los Angeles, CA -- December 16th, 2011

I finally got all my notes together, another contender for 2nd best show of the year, every band was great. The Hangmen debuted several songs off their forthcoming LP "East Of Western."



(no setlist, great band)

(Bob Lee, Jonathan Hall, Pat Hoed, John Collinson)
all the songs have Christmas themed lyrics

01. Sleigh In The Sky (Hole In The Sky)
02. Paranoid
03. Symptom Of The Univese
04. Electric Hannukah
05. Santa Sabbath
06. Children Of The Sleigh
07. It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Ride The Sleigh)
08. Fuck Christmas
09. Search And Destroy

INGER LORRE (of The Nymphs, acoustic with Zander Smith)

01. Gloomy Sunday (Rezs÷ Seress cover)
02. Sad And Damned
03. The Highway
04. Imitating Angels
05. Sweet Release
06. Chain (Vic Chesnutt)
07. Hurt (Nine Inch Nails)


01. Blood Red
02. Loners, Junkies & Liquor Stores
03. Homesick Blues
04. Rotten Sunday
05. Drink, Smoke
06. Railroad Man
07. Graverobbers
08. Bent
09. Big Red Rooster
10. I'm Your Man
11. She Cracked (Modern Lovers cover)

(Downtown on setlist as song 9, not played)


(short 20 min set til curfew, good band, check them out)

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