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Originally Posted by hellawaits77ny View Post
Sorry to hear you didn't enjoy Deicide. I saw them just a few days prior and they were great. As you said in your post, I'm sure you'll enjoy them next time.

Yeah, and fuck Billy Talent. I hope those guys got booed something fierce doing their set. They must be real popular in Ontario or something, to play AFTER Slayer.
Billy Talent are huge here (I thought they were huge everywhere), but I just can't see how they were slotted to play after Slayer.

12. Rocka Rollas - The War of Steel Has Begun

If you like Speed Metal or Running Wild, you will love this album. It's somewhat under the radar, because it's essentially a one-man project with very little promotion (I only knew of it because it's done by a guy on Metal-Archives). I got it recently, so I can't say too much more about it, but the tracks will speak for themselves.

Recommended Tracks: Dark Future & Fight For the Loud

11. Symfonia - In Paradisum

This might be the most derivative release I've ever heard, but it's awesome. Timo may have lost it in Stratovarius, but he did a good job here. I also was impressed with Andre Matos, even though he seems to struggle with a couple of high notes.

Recommended Tracks: Fields of Avalon & Rhapsody in Black

10. Steel Panther - Balls Out

This band is great. If you put their lyrics aside, they really do Hair/Glam Metal as well as anyone (except for Skid Row, who are arguably Heavy Metal anyways). All of the songs are catchy and Satchel does a great job shredding. Despite my love for this band, the second album just isn't as well done as the first. The lyrics are a little more repetitive and even offensive at points ("That's What Girls are For"). There are also too many songs and not all of them are hit singles (like the debut could have been). Still, this album is awesome and writing a song about Tiger Woods was genius. The even better part was that they had to insult him in a second song ("If You Really Really Love Me").

Recommended Tracks: Just Like Tiger Woods & Tomorrow Night
2/20 - Cannibal Corpse
2/27 - Sacrifice
3/4 - Voivod, Vektor
4/13 - Avantasia
5/21 - Alice Cooper
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