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Rock of Ages -- London, England -- December 23rd, 2011

My girlfriend decided to get me tickets for us to go and see Rock of Ages, as she is a big fan of musicals and i honestly cant stand them but heard this was fairly different.

The venue was at Shaftesbury Theatre which was pretty cool, we had pretty good seats in the stalls, the stage was set up as a bar along the sunset strip, and the band were on the stage all the way through the performance which cool - so you could see the music being played live. When I went to see the Queen musical, we will rock you, the band were behind the back drop so didn't get to see the guitarist.

Overall a good story - a bit cheesy in parts but had some funny characters and fit dancers in lingerie. Overall was a good laugh, this was the setlist:

Act one:

Just like livin' in paradise
Nothin' but a good time
Sister Christian
We built this city
Too much time on my hands
I wanna Rock
We're not gonna take it
More than words
To be with you
Waiting for a girl like you
Wanted Dead or alive
I want to know what love is
Cum on feel the noize
Harden my heart
Shadows of the night
Here I go again

Act 2:
Final Countdown
Anyway you want it
High enough
Beaver hunt
Hate myself for loving you
Heat of the moment
Hit me with your best shot
I can't fight this feeling
Every rose has its thorn
Keep on loving you
Oh, sherrie
The search is over
Don't Stop believin'

They explained at the start that Def leppard didnt give them the rights to play Rock of ages, the cast had awesome voices (even justin lee collins and shayne ward lol).

Also I heard that ROCK OF AGES will be released as a film next year - Tom Cruise has the lead role along with Russel Brand, Alex baldwin and Mary J Bleige (gonna be shit)
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