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Mournful Congregation - The Monad of Creation
(Weird Truth Productions, 2005)

Mournful Congregation, while not having the claim to the greatest funeral doom album in my eyes are definitely the most consistent band in the genre. Staring from their first record onward to this year's "The Book of Kings". The band has released four epic records of majestic and ethereal funeral doom. The clear cut winner out of the four though is their second, "The Monad of Creation". It's overflowing with melancholia and despair, desolating anything in its path. Huge glacial riffing over deep bowel releasing growls it literally downs you in a sea of pitch black darkness. The acoustic flourishes are of the highest order as well, and just make the atmosphere that more vibrant. As in the third track "When The Weeping Dawn Beheld Its Mortal Thirst", which is a completely breathtaking instrumental that alleviates from the other songs negativity if only for its running time. Highly recommended, quality funeral doom that never becomes a burden even for genre beginners.

Funeral - Tristesse
(Wild Rag Records, 1994)

The first funeral doom album I heard (doom metal in general as well for that matter), to this day I still hold it in high regard. I remember being blown away by its sheer heaviness and how incredibly slow it was. Another one where I absolutely cannot pick a favorite, the entire album is really good. It's more death/doom than a funeral doom record but its where the genre originated along with Thergothon so I think it counts.
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