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Originally Posted by DrPogo View Post
I need it. FONT. Fountainhead. Ranch Dressing. Gizzard.

Dick. Bull. Worth money. Morgan French. Gceeffccee.....Clint.

No. Bone Marrow.

Bomber Jacket. Ilion, NY. Herkimer, NY. DFD.

Body double. Cody Lundin. CALSPSEEE.


"If you can decode this message, and tell me what it means. I will give the winner 300 various metal CDs, from all great bands, from the 80s until as of late. I will also give my entire Metallica collection of rarities, an original No Life Til Leather, and my DVD collection of over 3,000, and I will pay for shipping. I am moving with my new wife, and am creating a new man cave. Giving up all of it. I'm telling's worth it, and it's a promise.

THREE HINTS: A song. A Man's lesson from a show. A REASON for a BAND'S BREAK-UP. This cannot be Googled, but I AM POSITIVE, if a few of you think about it, you'll get it. Good Luck.
Wut iz dis?
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