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2. Anthrax

Date Seen: July 23rd (Heavy TO)
Venue: Downsview Park

Anthrax completely surprised me. I thought they'd be enjoyable, but clearly there for the paycheck. I was totally wrong and they destroyed. Joey Belladonna in particular really did a great job. He had a ton of energy and looked like he was having more fun than anyone in the crowd. It was probably also the best time to have seen the band (besides 1987) seeing as how I'm not big on their new album.

1. Slayer

Date Seen: July 24th (Heavy TO)
Venue: Downsview Park

Slayer is easily the greatest band I've ever seen. Their intensity can't be matched and every song is somehow more brutal than the last. I saw everything flying up in the air during their set, including what appeared to be some professional camera equipment. During Postmortem, some chick in front of me got nailed in the head by the camera and started bleeding. Every time they started a slower song (South of Heaven, Seasons in the Abyss), it got louder and louder. I don't even know what else to say, except that I have to see them again soon!
2/9 - Spellcaster (?)
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