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Asunder - A Clarion Call
(Life Is Abuse, 2004)

This album as I have stated before, is without a doubt the most heavy and punishing funeral doom album I have ever heard. It never loses its atmospherics while focusing mainly thundering riffs including a glorious guitar solo, earthquake inducing bass lines, and heavy handed precise drumming. I love all three tracks, each one spectacularly showing why doom metal in general is so awesome.

Skepticism - Lead and Aether
(Red Stream Inc., 1998)

Finland's Skepticism managed to top their tremendous debut "Stormcrowfleet" with the sophomore masterpiece titled "Lead and Aether". It's probably my favorite release of the older funeral doom bands. While it keeps the slow pace most funeral doom manages to maintain. The use of the keyboards here are the best I've heard in this type of music. They add a level of versatility to the melancholic music to keep it from reaching repetitiveness. The first half of the album is stronger than the second, with opener "The Oraganium" and "The Falls" being the highlights.
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