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Born Of Osiris - New England Metal and Hardcore Festival : April 16

First, I will give this young band credit, they are very talented musicians. My praise ends there. The first time I saw them, they sucked. This show was exacerbated by the fact their set was longer this time.

I hate their music, I hate the gay ass crabcore way they move on stage, I hate the way they dress (like fags), and I especially hate their keyboard player. Little ass young punk who probably barely bench presses the bar, walking around stage throwing his arms up to the crowd like he was a black gangster. I have no problem w/ African American's, but I despise when people try to be something they aren't. I wanted to leap from the balcony and clothesline his ass Kane style from the top rope, well balcony in this case . Fucking punk. They were awful. Very lifeless on stage for being so young, and they sound even worse live than do on record, cause you can't decifer anything. Both times I;ve seen them, everything has sounded the same, almost as similar as Oceano's songs sounded. They had nothing going for them that night. While the crowd seemed to dig them, they had absolutley no stage "prescence".

I hope you're well. Go to hell.

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