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Summer Slaughter - Montreal : August 10

It wasn't any individual performance, it was just the overall experience. First off all, the tix were $40 (shows are always more expensive in MTL), and combined w/ gas, $60 went into getting to the show. The traffic getting into the city was horrendous. It usually takes me about 80 minutes to get to downtown MTL, if I don't run into a shitload of traffic. Took me close to 3 hours.

Now onto the actual show. I'm a Six Feet Under fan, not a huge one, but I like a few of their albums. I have never seen them before and was looking forward to it. As is often the case in Montreal, the band couldn't make it. Had to sit through a couple bands I didn't care for. That's normal, but it certainly didn't help this show. To top it all off, Whitechapel, the co-headliner, played a whole fucking 37 MINUTES. Gee, thanks genius' behind this tour. The only thing that was good about this show was Dying Fetus killed it, as always. So combining the $ I spent, SFU not being there, WC playing a short ass set, traffic, it was just a waste of $ and time. As much as I love Dying Fetus, they certainly aren't worth that much time and $ for a 9 song set.

08/30: Bane and tour (?)
10/15: Soilwork, Decapitated (?)

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