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Oceano - New England Metal and Hardcore Fest : April 16

The only reason this isn't higher is because the set, thank God, was only 20 minutes. I knew these guys are bad, but I didn't realize their live show would be this awful. First of all, there was NOTHING differentiating any song. It all sounded the same, everything. Secondly, they are lifeless on stage except for the lead singer. Third, their lead singer is a dick. He kept telling everyone in front to turn around and push the person behind them towards the back barrier. He said (and this is the God's honest truth) he wanted to "hurt the people in back who weren't moshing". Seriously. He wanted people to actually hurt others. That's not just being a dick, that shows he is a sick human being. Then he kept saying shit afterwards like "fight for your fucking life". Yeah, real tough guy he is. I'd like to meet him alone w/o any cops around, we'll see how tough he really is. And their bass player (or maybe guitar player, whoever the fat guy is) is probably the laziest person under 40 in a metal band I've ever seen on stage. He did not move once. His only movement was slowly bobbing his head all the way down and up. And between songs he'd flip off the crowd. Yeah, real cool, buddy.

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