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5 Worst Concerts (or Individual Performances)


Bury Your Dead - New England Metal and Hardcore Fest : April 15

I was really looking forward to this, as Mat coming back to BYD was in my eyes, saving the band. That shit they were doing w/ Myke was just awful. It was Mat's 1st show w/ the band in 6 years, it was their new drummer's 1st show, combined w/ massive weight gain by both Slim and Mat, the band both sounded and looked like shit. They played without much energy; their drummer fucked up, a lot; the Palladium's PA sucked which made it that much worse, and Mat forgot the vocals a few times and instead made "sounds". Forgetting the lyrics does happen occasionally, so I will forgive him, but it happened at least 5 times. Also (and he did this even before he quit in '06), he just got plain lazy w/ some of the lyrics. His gruff ass barks were sort of just, spoken in a deep voice, I guess would be my best description.

I know this show got great reviews, even by some people here. I guarantee I was drunker than most of them, so it wasn't booze making them enjoy it more. Not sure why people thought it was great. An idea of how bad they look:


08/30: Bane and tour (?)
10/15: Soilwork, Decapitated (?)

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