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TOP 10 Demos
Yes,I support local backyard bands. I love these bands. Please download em if you are into Grind/Powerviolence.

10.Lie Still

New PV band with members of Lack OF Interest. They took of the DL link but you can listen to it here.FFO Lack Of Interest,Spazz,Assholeparade.

9.Malpractice Insurence
Local Grind band.Very good demo they passed out at their show. FFO Carcass,Dahmer,Exhumed.

8.Whats The Point!
Blackened Powerviolence. God damn it,I wanted to invent that!!!! FFO Charles Bronson,Deafheaven,Infest
download here.

Female fronted Powerviolence/Fastcore. FFO Punch,Fuck the Facts,
What Happens Next?

D-Beat Hardcore Crust. FFO Doom,Napalm Death,Seige.

Fastcore,fastcore,fast. FFO Trash Talk,LxExAxRxN,JFA

Female fronted Grind. Members of Tension,InZaine,Hooded Justice. FFO Dropdead,Coke Bust,Ceremony

VeganNoise. FFO Man Is The Bastard,Disclose,Litmus Green.

Raw Grindviolence at its best. FFO Despise You,Iron Lung,In Disgust

Meth head Grindviolence at its worst. FFO Anal Cunt,Insult,ACxDC
5/16-Harassor/Holy Grail
5/27-Chron-Gen/Angeltic Upstarts
6/5-Discharge/Toxic Holocaust

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