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Top 10 Openers

10.Lack Of Interest(For Brutal Truth/Bastard Noise
Legendary Powerviolence band Lack,refuses to ever headline. I dont know why they wernt on my list last year but they fuckin rule live. They always play the same set but its always fun.

9.Resistant Culture(for the failed California Dicord Fest
They were the last band to play before the cops ruined the fest. They were so good tho. Crust Punk mix with Native American music. I gotta see em again live.

8.Ghoul(For Dropdead)
Crossover Death/Thrash/Grinders put a really fun show. think The Mentors meet GWAR. Little bit of fake blood,silly lyrics,hard music,and guys in costumes. Too much fun.

7.PxBxS(For Hoy Pinoy)
These young Grinders put the best 5 minuet shows ever. Theyve became my friends but for a very young grindviolence band,they fuckin rule and are already getting a name for themselves.

6.Hooded Justice(For Gnarmagedon fest)
HxJx opened the fest which Agent Orange/DOA headlined and they did better than them. Hooded was one of my favorite local bands due to their chaotic,fun shows. They replaced thier singer so idk how to feel now. If you didnt see em,you missed out.

5.Ill Repute(For Gnarmagdeon Fest
Best band that played the fest in my opinion. Crazy fun like DRI/Waste/etc. NAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRDDDCCCCCOOOOOOREEEEE!!!!

4.Yeastie Boys(For T.S.O.L.)
Thee guys dress up as clowns,do punk covers in clown comedy,and throw balloons and toys everywhere. I saw em in a boat. Do the math.

3.Cerebral Ballzy(For Repulsion)
The singer has such great stage tactics. From jumping all over the bar,pissing off the audience,and making people crack their heads open. Yes this band rules.

2.Circle One(For Gnarmagedon)
My hometown heros. They did all the classic 80s material,and new singer Omar sings just like the late,great John Mascias. They even dedicated a song to me and my friend cause we were born and raised in Pico Rivera.

1.ACxDC(for Wormrot,Godstomper,They As In Them,Deadheaven,Dropdead

I saw em 5 times this year. Im obsessed with this band. They rule each time. Best 10 min of my life. I even get to sing a long at some shows. The band recognizes me now. I LOVE this band.
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