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TOP 10 live bands!

10. Rammstein(Jimmy Kimmel Live,Hollywood CA)
This was TV performance so I only saw 3 songs(or else they'd b higher on the list) The songs I saw were amazing. Too broke to see em do a full show. Fire,fire everywhere.

9. Paul Di'anno(Key Club,Hollywood)
Go a head and take shit,Di'Anno did a great fuckin job doing the classic Maiden songs. Luckily RJ got me in for free,so for only $6 I was able to see Paul sing the whole first Maiden album plus some Killers. Since the first two Maiden albums were my favorite albums,I really enjoyed this show.

8. Deafheaven-Redwood Bar,Downtown LA
Black Metal/Grindviolence show at a small place where only 40 people fitted. The singer didnt need corpse paint or black clothing to scare me. We Lifted him while he was screaming his dick off. Very Powerful performance. VERY fuckin loud.

7.Brutal Truth-The Blvd,Boyal Heights
I almost didnt get in,But im so glad I did. They played most of my favorite songs,And Dannny and Kevin were super cool with me. Screaming a long to Walking Corpse was fun.

6. Cro-Mags-The Roxy,Hollywood
I finally got to see these guys. Luckily it was free. Hardcore done right. Stage diving,moshing,screaming,PMA all over the place. Theyre a must live.

5. Municipal Waste-Glasshouse,Pomona
To me they made Scion Rockfest the most fun. Nothing beats your first Waste show. But them headlining is always fun. Stage Dives and Hi fives.

4.Leftover Crack-The Echoplex,LA
Crackrock Steady LoC puts out an amazing show,with me getting squished the whole time. Sing a longs,pits,and skanking.

3. Anal Cunt-The Blvd,Boyal Heights.
Anal Cunts last tour before Seths passing. Never I have been so excited seeing a frontman of a band. I was like a little girl when I took a pic with him. Seth was so fucked up he had to sit the whole show. We told em what to play. A night I will never forget. RIP

2.D.R.I.-Key Club Hollywood
Ive seen bands from Slayer,Cannibal Corpse,Ceremony,Waste,you name it. No band throws crazier shows than D.R.I. The whole place is just a big huge mess and they choose the perfect setlist. If you havent seen em live,youre missing out big time.

1. Metallica-Empire Polo Club,Indio
My first Metallica show. I wanted to cry. All I can say about it is
12/3-Lil B
12/10-Agnostic Front?
12/18-Code Orange?
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