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5 songs,5 minuets,and its free! Plus a guitar solo! What the fuck! Wormrot can you do no wrong?!


Trash Talk-Awake
One the leaders of New HxC put out another amazing release. These few songs are fast,strong,loud and perfect for stage diving. Trash Talk rules.


Graf Orlock-Doombox EP
Cinema grind band got a new singer and he RULES! 5 new songs about "hood movies". Gotta love it. Gorlock Forever!


Primate-Draw Back A Stump
Kevin Sharp Of Brutal Truth has made it #2 again with his new band Primate. Grind with Hardcore Punk influences. This shit was so good I actually love it better than Brutal Truths Endtime. Plus it has some dude from Masatdon. Ive gone bananas for this band.


ACxDC-Second Coming
If this was considered a full length,it'd be #1 on my album list replacing Trap Them. Like their past EP; He Had It Coming,I can play this all day,everyday. I seriously can. All songs are from movies,and fast loud and amazing. Milk was A Bad Idea is song of the year. This whole EP is music release of the year. ACxDC is one of my favorite bands ever,and this makes me love em more. If you don't believe this is the greatest release of 2011...I will fight you....that's no lie.
12/3-Lil B
12/10-Agnostic Front?
12/18-Code Orange?
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