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Cannabis Corpse-Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise
Stoner Death Metalheads have done it again. Instead of Cannibal Corpse song titles they've done Morbid Angel and Deicide. Like Cannibal,after theyre 3rd album theyre gonna get a new singer.


Debut album from Retox. Justin Pearson's work is always amazing. Not as fast as The Locust but faster as All Leather. This shit rules. See em live. Great show. JP we love you.


Wugazi-13 Chambers
This a mashup album of Wu-Tang Clan and Fugazi. This is amazing,I listen to it every morning. If you're
into Wu-Tang or Fugazi...or not .. you'll dig this album. Jay-Z approved.


Anal Cunt-Wearing Out Our Welcome
AxCx's last album. Instead of the useal 40 its just 10 songs. They ran out of ideas here. But Seth still made fun Nasum.Not a great last album,let alone AxCx album.But I loved it. RIP Seth


Despise You/Agoraphobic Nosebleed-And On And On.
Split album of the year. DY's part was HOLY SHEEET. Faster than Fast Powerviolence. Great fuckin stuff. AN's side was pretty good. AN side was great but not DY great.


Theyve done it again. Singapors Grindfuckers put out another great album. Fast,Grind,and all that jazz. Perfect Grind album once again.


Cerebral Ballzy-Cerebral Ballzy
Punk Rock with Hardcore is back. This album shouldve been made in the 80s cause this shit fuckin rules. Adult Swim loves this,and so should you.


Deafheaven-Roads To Judah
This album touched me emotionally. As lame as this sounds,it has the Black Metal formula minus satan,corpse paint,and all that jazz. Call em Hipster Black Metal if you want,but this album is one of the best albums of this year. Play it LOUD!!


Brutal Truth-End Time
Almost made no.1. Another solid album from one of my favorite Grind bands ever. Kevin Sharps slurry voice,Dan Lilkers loud bass,and Richards fast ass drums. I really loved this album. BT delivers a Grind record that will go down in history. Last song ends with 15 min of static noise. Wow.


Trap Them-Darker Handcraft
I give album of the year to Trap Them. The band that got me into grind. This album mixes Crust/Grind/Hardcore. The lyrics are great,musics great,vocals great,everything about it rules. TT contine to be one of my favorite bands,and this album makes me loves em more. Album of the year.
12/3-Lil B
12/10-Agnostic Front?
12/18-Code Orange?
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