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Indifferent El Turtle Boys List For 2011

Yes, as you all predicted there will be Grindcore/Hardcore Punk/etc.I REALLY fell in love with Black Metal this year so here you go. Feel free to complain about Vektor/Anthrax not being on the list, albums being higher rated than others, and how crappy my "Metal" is. Noise>Music.


Killgasm- Bloodbath Of Satanic Vengeance
Debut album of Blackened Grindcore band from bay area. Think early Carcass meets Mayhem. Fast,nasty,and evil. Plus it ends with a Misfits cover. These guys have a future. I gotta see em live.


Lock Up-Necropolis Transparent
New album by Grind fuckers from the UK. Deathgrind at its best. Well its gotta be since Thomas Lindburg of Skitsystem,At The Gates,and Disfear is the frontman. Good stuff.


Rotting Out-Street Prowl
Another album by LAs favorite new Hardcore band. Vocalist change wasnt such a good move. Emotional strong lyrics(mainly about his Dad),fast aggressive,great hxc. Not as badass as This Is Just A Life,but ok.


Skeletonwitch-Forever Abomination
Another classic from Skeli. Can they make a shit album? I think not. Blackened Thrash/Death whatever you name it,it has it all. I didnt get to see em this year,but I wanna see em headline again.


I just heard this album and I freakin loved it. Black Metal + Crust Punk= these badboys from LA. I gotta see em live. You must as well. Its actually for free download.


Bastard Noise-Skulldozer
Holy fuck! i actually loved this album. They're past albums were all static noise,but this one is ore like Man Is the Bastard. New singer,Amie Artz saved this band. This is great. When I first saw em live I hated em. Now I love em. Worship the Skull.


Taake-Noregs Vaapen
This was a great solid Black Metal album. Amazing album. Evil banjo solos are evil.


Another genius album Varg has made us again. Tho not as amazing as last years,its still Burzum done right.


Wolves In The Throne Room-Celestial Lineage
AMAZING. Nuff said.


Owen Hart-Earth Control
Before WWE made em change thier name,The debuted this great Grindcore album. Long songs for Grind,but still sillyness. They are now Earth Control. But cmon a band named after a dead wrestler is gotta be good.
12/16-Excel/Despise You
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